Atlas Kennels

Atlas x Vegas
Born March 26, 2011

Our bitch Vegas was bred to our stud dog Atlas. We co-bred this litter with Eclipse Kennels. This litter produced one white male and six white females.

The Whole Crew

ARCHX UAGII UROC URX UKC Grand Ch. / WGSDCII Grand Victor and 2x Select Grand Ch. / ARBA Junior Ch. / KC USA Junior Ch. / UCI International Ch. Eclipse's What Happens In Vegas RE, RL1X2, RL2X, RL3, RNX, JS-N, CL1, CL2, CL3-S, CSL1-HFS, ITD, TKI, VCCX, CGCA, TT, TC, SPOT, OFA H/E/MDR1/Dent/Card/Thy/Eyes
Luxor is co-owned by us and Eclipse Kennels. He competes in conformation and performance events. See more on Luxor on his page.

UKC Ch. Eclipse's Viva Las Vegas


Kalypso is pictured here with her older half brother Kepler from Vegas' first litter.

URO1 UKC Ch. / ARBA Junior Ch. / KC USA Ch. / UCI Int'l Ehren Ch. Eclipse's Argent Sun RN, CGC, TT, OFA H/E
Ivy is co-owned by us and lives with her primary owner in Wisconsin. She competes in conformation. See more on Ivy on her page.

UAGI URO2 UKC Grand Ch. / IABCA Int'l Ch. / WGSDCI Grand Victrix and Select
Eclipse's Drive For Excellence
Bentley ilives in Minnesota with Dawn Fisher and is co-owned by us. She competes in conformation and performance. See more on Bentley on her page.

UKC Ch. Eclipse's DeVine Attitude, OFA H/E

WGSDCA BIF/BIM Grand Victor 6x Select Ch. / WGSDCII 2x Grand Victor and 7x Select Ch. / ARBA BIS Master Ch. / FO URO1 UKC 16x BIMBS 7x RBIMBS Grand Ch. / IABCA Multi. Ch. Eclipse's Strength of Atlas RN, RL1, RL1X, ASCA RN, TN-N, CSL1-HS, WAX, WVDX, WROM, OV, TC, TT, CGCA, TDI, GSDCA 13 Club, OFA H/Card/MDR1/DM/Thy/Dent, CHIC
WGSDCA BIM Grand Victrix and 2x Select Ch. / WGSDCII Grand Victrix and 2x Select Ch. / UAGI URO1 High in Trial UKC Grand Ch. / ARBA Junior Ch. / IABCA Int'l Junghund Ch. Eclipse's Wild Card of Atlas TT, TC, CGC, RN, RL1, CL1, CL2-H, TN-N, ITD, OV, WVDA, WAX, GSDCA 13 Club, OFA H/E/Card/MDR1/DM/Dent, CHIC