Atlas Kennels

Major x Bentley
Born August 5, 2015

Our bitch Bentley was bred to Major from Faithful Kennels. We co-bred this litter with Dawn Fisher. This litter produced two white males, two white females, two black/tan males and two black/tan females.

UKC Ch. Atlas' All-Star Performance SPOT, CGC, OFA H/E/MDR1/Dent/Card/Thy

UKC Ch. Atlas' A Pocketful of Sunshine SPOT

Atlas' Arminius

IABCA Int'l Ch. / URO1 UKC Ch. Atlas' Abiding Kandieren Mond CGC, RL1X, RL2, RN, CAA, BCAT, TKN, THHD1, CW-ZR1

URO1 UKC GRCH / IABCA Int'l Ch. Atlas' A Bit Beyond Daybreake CGC, SPOT, RN, NTD, TKN, PTN, CA, RATI, SCN, SBN, TC, OFA H/E/MDR1/Dent/Card/Thy

Atlas' Arctic White Tundra

Atlas' A Distinguished Gentleman, CGC, TKN

Atlas Attention Karma Does Exist

AKC CH Ptd / IABCA Int'l CH / URO1 UAGII UKC 4x BIMBS 2x RBIMBS Grand CH Juel's Major Blessing, OV, TC, RN, CGC, TDI, OFA H/E/Card/DM/MDR1/Dent, CHIC
UAGI URO2 UKC Grand Ch. / IABCA Int'l Ch. / WGSDCI Grand Victrix and Select Eclipse's Drive For Excellence RL1, RI, BN, NTD, TKN, RATI, SIN, ACT1, CGCA, TT, TC, SPOT, OFA H/E/Card/MDR1/Dent/Thy, CHIC